Planning a Horseshoe Bend Wedding?

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Planner?

Where do you begin? How do you get there? How do you find a minister who will help you plan your ceremony and follow you to the ends of the earth? Where do you get a marriage licence and what is needed? Where do you and your wedding party stay? Where do you find flowers and cake and the all important photographer in the middle of nowhere? What about ceremony music? Is there a salon anywhere?  These are but a few of the many questions you may have when looking at an extreme location wedding and we can guarantee there will be many more you haven’t even considered yet.

As professional planners, we know the importance of being organized and prepared for whatever may happen, and happen it will! Unlike planning a wedding in the “big city” with plenty of choices and options, remote destination weddings can be a challenge in areas with VERY limited resources. Weather is another important factor and should it rain or snow or do both at the same time you will want to have a back-up plan in place. As expert planners and coordinators in the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Grand Circle area for over 20 years, we know who to call, where to go and how to make sure your wedding dreams come true no matter what happens.

In October of 2013, we had 7 wedding planned for the beginning of the month when the US government announced that they were closing ALL national parks because they failed to pass a spending budget. In one day, we moved, rebooked and re-planned all of those weddings. We were able to help our couples still make their nature wedding dreams come true and everything went well. That is why you hire a professional planner and coordinator, we know what we are doing out here and we know everyone. That is why hiring a professional planner for a destination wedding is such a grand idea.

Wedding planning in Arizona’s remote locations is always challenging because of its extreme isolation. There are very few florists or bakeries and a beauty salon is anywhere from 80 to 120+ miles away. Lodging is limited and should always be the first reservation you make. The greatest hurdle in planning any wedding in nature is to make sure you have a back-up plan just in case Mother Nature decides not to cooperate.

With over 20 years experience planning weddings, making reservations and officiating wedding ceremonies all over the state of Arizona, we are able to create complete packages based on your needs and wants. A traditional ceremony and reception with formal attire including family & friends, an intimate simple wedding or a high adventure wedding the options are only limited by your imagination and budget. Let us help make your special day everything you have ever dreamed it could be.

If you really don’t have time and you have the budget, hiring a professional planner can save you the headache of trying to put all the pieces together yourself. Imagine the peace of mind you would have knowing everything is taken care of and all you need to do is arrive and enjoy your wedding day. What is peace of mind worth?

If you enjoy the planning process but would like to have a coordinator on site to manage your wedding day festivities we are also available to make sure everything is set, ready and as you envisioned it. In 2017, we helped 70 couples make their extreme nature weddings a reality, let us help you too, we love sharing all that we know.


Here is a planning guide we have created for our extreme wedding guests to use. This will help you organize your ideas and all important budget. Wedding Planner

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