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Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Page, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend is an iconic photography location just a few miles south of Page, Arizona on Highway 89. This true river bend drops 1500 vertical feet down to the Colorado River with an overview that is hard to beat. Not for anyone who has a fear of heights to be sure! July, August and September are monsoon season with clouds gathering during the day and rain falling in the afternoon or early evening. Summer heat makes Horseshoe Bend a morning or evening wedding location as exposure atop the sandstone is sweltering. That said 10-2 are ideal time for the fully lit bend.

The Horseshoe is about 1 mile wide with the north half belonging to National Park Service and the south half which is on the Navajo Nation land. Starting in 2017, the Navajo family who owns the Horseshoe Bend land south of NPS partnered with a guide company to make available private 4 X 4 tours down to the rim. This is a wonderful opportunity to have a private setting to enjoy your ceremony. Also the drive takes you almost to the rim so no hiking through deep sand is required.

Perfect for larger groups and wedding party members unable to hike. As the only full service wedding coordination specialists in the area, Monumental Arizona Weddings Debra along with her team of remote wedding specialists can help make your dream wedding a reality. Debra and her team are ordained non-denominational chaplains. Debra is a professional event planner and is available as your personal on-site coordinator wedding day to assure your flawless wedding celebration.

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